About Us

A-Arm.com was started by Pete Grande who came up with the original concept of building a Bolt on A-Arm Solution to suit a VW Type 1 Frame head and floor pan. This filled a void in the market by providing people with a viable solution to stock VW setup or aftermarket mid travel solutions.

The design went through a number of iterations and updates to get to where it is today. Not wanting to offer a crappy import product Pete kept it all USA Made using only quality components. Although this meant it wasn’t considered cheap at around $3500 complete with coil overs and steering rack it was much cheaper than a lot of options and judging by the happy customers to date there have been no complaints.


Pete’s Buggy

After over 50 units and many years of testing and enjoyment Pete decided it was time to focus on other ventures. Not wanting to see his idea and effort go to waste he passed the business onto the current owners who have kept it proudly USA Made and now manufacture the assemblies in Valley Center CA.

Hoping to be in full production by Jan 2015 with units on the shelf ready to ship.